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About Us


Grace In Glass is made up of 6 (yes, I said 6!) Cheryl and Craig are husband and wife and really do the heavy lifting BUT we could not do it without the rest of our team. Brian and Jasmine are our kiddos and both assist in the creation, ideas, shipping and (my favorite part) cleaning! Well that's 4 of the 6. Who are the last 2? Our CATS - Jibber Jabber; you guessed it, she talks a lot and Stewart her brother, both are rescues and we call them our supervisors!

Well what do we do? We love making stained glass panels, suncatchers and 3-D art using American made supplies primarily with the copper foil method. Our favorite subjects are critters: fox, cats, deer, birds, elephants, you name it! We can't forget scenery like Sleeping Lady Mountain in Alaska or Cedar Creek Falls and FLOWERS. When we aren't working on those Cheryl enjoys abstract pieces and can spend weeks laying out the design. Craig is more of a critters kind of guy.

Our studio is in our home in the small town of Slinger, WI but our inspiration comes from all over the country! Most of our art comes with a story - even the abstract ones.

So WHY do we make stained glass? Honestly, Craig and Cheryl both NEED to create and express ourselves. Our day jobs do not permit creation on the level that soothes the soul. So why stained glass? Why not beads or fabric or wood or food? Sunlight - the way it feels on your face the way the light changes the glass - reflects the glass and sends those colors across the room or your garden. For us glass is HAPPY and WONDERFUL, SATISFYING  and at times CHALLENGING.

If you have questions, comments or just want to say hi, we would love to hear from you! Just send us an email!


All of us at Grace In Glass Studio

Craig, Cheryl, Brian, Jasmine, Stewart and Jibber Jabber