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Dandelions, Compass Plants and Cranes - Oh My!!

I was pulling compass plants that have decided they are going to grow in my yard using a thistle puller… I’m sure my neighbors think I’m a goofball! We love the dandelions for food and wishes and of course the bees 🐝❤🐝 So I leave the dandelions unless I’m going to harvest some.

See, I grew up working in a huge garden and house plants; we lived off this all year filling the root cellar and freezing other items. House plants were always thriving and through out the whole house. Any guesses what happened when I grew up? I learned that I have a black thumb 😔 not everything dies just most of it… (Jasmine has a green thumb!!)

I am however good at foraging! We love to hike and I live for the thrill of finding food growing wild 💞


So back to the story…

I was pulling the compass plants and half bent over I heard a ruckus … I looked up and froze… An adult sandhill crane flew into our yard thru the trees and landed about 10 feet from me!! He was making a little birdy noise (ok a big birdie noise) and I could tell he knew I was standing right there half upright. He walked slowly down the little hill and over to the neighbor’s yard behind some pines.

It was an incredible experience – he was so close! And tall!

We love nature and most of the panels and suncatchers have a real life story behind them; nature is our favorite inspiration!

When I thought about it, I realized that the commissions we have made also have stories behind them – sometimes they share the story and sometimes they don’t. But we always ask permission to before sharing someone else’s story 😉💝

Cover Photo credit Michael J. Heath Photography