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3 Amazing Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Stained glass can add rainbows, sparkle, flash and movement to any room, outdoor area, and landscape. Our art is all hand drawn and one of a kind – something you know she doesn’t already have. Our style is not the stained glass you see in churches, while church glass is gorgeous and beautiful our art is bright and sparkly!
Spin-tacular Whirls
Whirls make an excellent gift for the Mother who loves to relax outdoors. Stained glass outside!? Absolutely!! Our spinning whirls are made in such a way that they can be hung inside or outside and are weather resilient down to freezing temps. Whirls are fun to watch and they create motion and rainbows. You can hang them from a plant hanger, a tree, a hook or in a window.
Flower and Flutter Plant Stakes
Does your Mom have a green thumb? Our plant stakes will add a splash of color and character to her garden beds or flower pots. They are 12 to 18” tall and look amazing amongst ground cover and flowers. Long after your flowers fade the plant stake will still provide spectacular color.
Whimsical Wishes
Did you pick dandelions for your Mom when you were little? Do you have fond memories plucking the yellow petals or blowing the seeds and making wishes? No matter how young or young at heart you are you can make a WISH anytime! Our charm can inspire hope and bring back youthful memories. The charms can be put on a stainless steel necklace 18 – 21” long or a clip with a swivel.