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Stained Glass IS Safe to put Outside

Our Garden Stakes and Whirls and Spinners are designed to be placed inside OR outside - out of high winds and during warm months. We strongly recommend bringing them inside when the temperatures drop below 32°F.

Our Wish for YOU

We LOVE our dandelions! Jasmine picks only the best dandelion seeds and Cheryl encases them forever in stained glass where they will never fade or yellow. Available as a necklace or clip.

(My) Grandmother passed a few years back and we always believe she's with us when we see butterflies, surprised Mom with a butterfly in Grandma's favorite color!! It came out beautiful - Thank you so much!!


Amazing service and product! Cheryl could not have been easier to work with. I would definitely shop with her again!


Super cute and well made. Bought one for my Dad for Father's Day and one for myself  to match. We have a special story behind "daddylions" (what I called them when I was young) and I'm excited to gift him next week. Thank you!